Wanted a Genie, found a Muse

Lovely news – I’ve just been awarded a writers’ residency at the fantastic Pitlochry Festival Theatre to start work on a new play. And it all started because I couldn’t

Thousand Films and The Unloved

Cracking email from Thousand Films this week – The Unloved has made the longest (c100/c2000 scripts). Shortlisting is now underway, with 10 talented writers winning in July. This is a

Glue: a short film

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this. Anyway, it’s brilliant. I’ve been working since autumn with a smart young director called Isabelle Larché in Bristol. We worked up an idea.

Review: Blue Door

USTINOV STUDIO, BATH, til 9 March 2019 I was lucky enough to catch this show on Monday – and will be there again on Thursday to chair the after-show discussion

Box: development update

Very excited to say the quantum mechanics play, Box,  has a twinkle in its eye. After some generous and insightful industry feedback over the summer, it’s having a rehearsed reading

Review: The Whale

I was lucky enough to see and review this incredible piece of theatre back in May. Apologies for missing the boat on re-posting my review for Bristol 24/7, but here