Tips from my crowdfunding experience

The great chaps at Arts Professional have run a piece on my crowdfunding experience. If you remember, I was aiming to pay professional actors and director to help workshop my quantum mechanics script. Here’s a link to my original crowdfunding video – And here’s the piece: happy reading!

Exciting news…..soon!

Spring is in the air, the blossom is appearing and things are starting to happen with the next stage of QM, my quantum mechanics play. If you remember, we raised 25% above target in December-January, through talentbacker, to fund a script development day with professional actors and a director…. Things are starting to happen, soContinue reading “Exciting news…..soon!”

Does this make me a Marxist?

Busy, good times. Last week saw the London VAULT Festival outing of Passion, thanks to  Allie Butler and Helen Cuinn at tidycarnage. I’ve also been working up the notorious ten-page treatment (and other stuff) required for ifeatures and proposals for Screen Yorkshire’s Triangle. And we’re moving towards the development day for the all-consuming quantum mechanicsContinue reading “Does this make me a Marxist?”

12 hours

I’ve just had an astonishing 12 hours. Overnight, the talentbacker campaign for script development for the quantum script (see previous post) hit and then exceeded its target with 6 days still to go. It’s not like running a race, cheered on by friends. It’s like asking them to run for you, while you keep yellingContinue reading “12 hours”

To fund or not to fund? A Q&A on QM with actor Annette Chown

To fund or not to fund? A Q&A on QM with actor Annette Chown The thoughtful and thought-provoking Bristol actor Annette Chown has a bit of a thing about quantum mechanics. Which is lucky for me. Annette has very generously given over a blog posting to a Q&A with me about my quantum mechanics scriptContinue reading “To fund or not to fund? A Q&A on QM with actor Annette Chown”

DIY is never DIY! Funding the ink to jump onto the stage…

I’m fundraising. Applications, grants, trusts and now some crowd funding (watch this space..) through the lovely people at Of course, it’s never DIY when it comes to money. Or any part of getting art out there. In this case, talentbacker are going to help me get lots of people to donate dosh. That willContinue reading “DIY is never DIY! Funding the ink to jump onto the stage…”

M-O-N-E-Y and the “emerging writer”

I’m a member of a professional writers’ group for the Bath / Bristol area. Great people, all quite different in style and temperament. Very supportive. I don’t get there often enough (childcare, blah de blah) but without fail, it’s inspiring. So here’s last night. After a session on another writer’s work, we rolled up ourContinue reading “M-O-N-E-Y and the “emerging writer””

Reviews: my work

SKIN IN THE GAME, November ’21, New Wimbledon Theatre, London 4****  Fairy Powered Productions 4****  Theatre and Other Things London Audiences said… “What a show – what a show!” – “Made disaster fun” – “True wee-pants laughs” – “A terrifically entertaining evening” – “A bit of genius” – “Absolutely brilliant and I would go and seeContinue reading “Reviews: my work”

Industry Recognition, Support & Past Shows

If you would like to read any scripts, please feel free to get in touch directly, through the Who??? page… Otherwise, here’s the skinny, as they (who?) say: Industry Support & Recognition New Wimbledon Theatre selects Skin In The Game as one of three inaugural Season Premieres for the Studio Theatre: March ’20-Nov ’21 PitlochryContinue reading “Industry Recognition, Support & Past Shows”