Taking the helm of the Rondo Writers’ Group

What IS the collective noun for a group of writers? A murder of crows, a sleuth of bears, a flange of baboons and a flight of dragons. Take your pick what would we like? A blot? A tippex (for writers of a certain age)? A row? A bin? But that’s merely an intro… I’m very,Continue reading “Taking the helm of the Rondo Writers’ Group”

Reviews: my work

SKIN IN THE GAME, November ’21, New Wimbledon Theatre, London 4****  Fairy Powered Productions 4****  Theatre and Other Things London Audiences said… “What a show – what a show!” – “Made disaster fun” – “True wee-pants laughs” – “A terrifically entertaining evening” – “A bit of genius” – “Absolutely brilliant and I would go and seeContinue reading “Reviews: my work”

Industry Recognition, Support & Past Shows

If you would like to read any scripts, please feel free to get in touch directly, through the Who??? page… Otherwise, here’s the skinny, as they (who?) say: Industry Support & Recognition New Wimbledon Theatre selects Skin In The Game as one of three inaugural Season Premieres for the Studio Theatre: March ’20-Nov ’21 PitlochryContinue reading “Industry Recognition, Support & Past Shows”