Writing samples & handy skills

With directors and producers, you can press a button and see work in action. It’s not so simple with writers.  If you would like to read a sample of my work, see what appeals below and drop me a line.

Script Samples

TV pilots:

Peggy – 1-hour drama pilot. Decades ago, Peggy left her Highlands village to marry a boy from the local (extremely prestigious) public school. Now long-wed, he’s heir to a banking fortune, and she’s a West London yummy mummy. They return to the school where they met, taking their 10-year old for an open day. Toby is killed and their worlds collapse. All we’re left with is the wild, windswept Highlands coast and a grieving battle between wounded parents – thirsting for an heir for him and revenge for her.

Tracking Board Launch Pad TV Pilot competition (June ’17) called Peggy, “a rare thing, a true page turner, and a very potent piece of writing.”

Manhood – 30-minute comedy-drama pilot (in development).  When you’re peri-menopausal and loving the single life, the last thing a woman needs is two teenage boys on the doorstep. Who run off to join the local alt-right men’s group. Things don’t improve when your slight lady-tache, ‘flu and the old medicine in the Guinness trick combine to  get you confused for their dad. And your ex is living in the loft. Oh, and the boys’ gran is a senior cop. What more could a modern woman ask for?

Hard Men – 1-hour drama-comedy pilot. Gangsters and drag queens battle it out in 1974 against a backdrop of the National Front, punk rock and the death of glam. Cock’o’the walk “smart-alec” Ali is stuck between glam-rock and a hard man, and really not sure which side he should be buttered on…Written for 4Screenwriting 2012, Channel 4.

Theatre  – you can catch the critics’ and audiences’ reactions on the Review page:

Glitter Knickers75-min one woman comedy-drama. How to be a Sindy Doll (TM) in the underworld when your horse has the voice of Melvyn Bragg and hell is Waitrose on Christmas Eve – painted by Dali.

Water’s Not So Thick – full-length, dark comedy-drama: the fall-out from an upper-middle class mother’s pre-wedding jitters.

Passion – a Glasgow squaddie fresh back from Afghanistan, at a rave. With you. 30 mins.

A Bit of a Song & Dance – On the eve of his retirement, 1950s Eagle comic enthusiast Martin has a niggling sense that something’s not right. That handsome plumber lunching his wife, the actuaries singing in the basement, and of course, the evil Mekon is on the prowl again… Full-length.

Box: the quantum physics love story you might have read about here (formally “QM”). A world of “what-if?s” – do we matter, or are we just matter? 70 mins, 2-hander, in development.

I’m Here (unproduced monologue): a grandmother deals with her bereaved son-in-law’s remarriage, and a new woman bringing up her grandsons – with awful consequences (10 mins).

Others include these commissions.

  • Black Barn,  a surreal, poetical drama (tidy carnage / LOST, London)
  • A 4-women Harvey-esque comedy Away With The Fairies  (Broohas Theatre Co, Alma Tavern, Bristol)
  • It’s All One, a community YP & adult large-cast (55m) to help smash barriers to understanding Shakespeare’s language (engage programme, egg theatre, Theatre Royal Bath)
  • Everyone Loves a Story – short surreal play examining the ethics around reality TV (Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal Bath)

Pitch, persuade & deliver

It takes more than a laptop to make a writer the team player everyone needs. Here’s some insight into the rest of me.

  • I’ve run a successful business for 12 years, specialising in the power of narratives in politics, industry, campaigns groups and charities
  • Raised funding for my own creative projects: record-breaking crowd-funding (£2,000) via talentbacker in Jan ’14; leveraging in-kind support for stage productions
  • In 2001, ran a trend-bucking General Election campaign, as the candidate, beating national trends for vote-share, reinvigorating a tired local party and worrying the MP into hiding in the car-park ’til all the boxes were in…
  • And I’m a dogged hard-worker.
    • After an inspiring 6 months as interim comms director at the RSC, I downsized my consultancy to leave London to save money and learn how to write scripts- first for stage, and then screen.
    • After two years, my second script started some competition wins, productions and a move into professional writing and collaborations.
    • Had some shows on (Bristol, Bath, London, Aberdeen), won a place (12 chosen from 3,200) on Channel 4’s 4Screenwriting 2012, got an agent, did more shows, wrote more pilots and here we are…
    • By day, a senior communications consultant running my business. By afternoon, a single mum with a smashing junior story structure analyst on-hand (“I’ll get dressed when the problem or the baddy comes”). By night, a vigilant/e scribbler (or whatever stereotype floats your proverbial. Let’s say “boat” – just in case your imagination goes where mine did).

Get in touch – be great to hear from you.


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