Work in progress


  • August-December: SKIN IN THE GAME: a dark climate emergency comedy. With stage magic, showbiz fire, flood & bad glitter.
  • June: Short film GLUE in post-production: watch this space…Crowdfunding targets all well beat!
  • Jan – June: THE RED SCRIPT – an arts-funding-farce for the stage. Cracking table read in May with a cast of very generous professionals – next up: looking for collaborators…
  • April: Working with Red Bucket Pictures‘ Clair Titley on a couple of very exciting documentary projects
  • April: PEGGY and THE UNLOVED both get rewrites, while….
  • April, LITTLE DINKLING, comedy pilot. A uncompleted project inspired by a conversation with producer Richard Everiss at Screen Yorkshire Triangle (2014), has grown some big, fat shoots. Think Kind Hearts & Coronets, but for big business, communications directors and a “Trumpton”-esque English village.
  • Feb-March: GLUE – filming.
  • Jan – Feb: short film GLUE ((dir. Isabelle Larche) completes its script and gets cast!


  • BOX has a script-in-hand show at Brighton Uni on Hallowe’en – subsequent producer / director conversations ongoing

December 2017: My project list needs pruning (missing from here are a few wee theatre & film projects and jumping bean TV ideas…).

Autumn 2017: New spec drama pilot, The Unloved, spits itself out in ten days. Or perhaps it’s more like the birth of a seventh (if only!) child – fast, fat and making a mess of the bathroom floor before the ambulance driver has put down her sandwich. Wonderfully, draft 1 gets highly placed in the Script Angel/C21 Drama Series Competition. Now it’s time for draft 2…

Summer 2017: TV drama spec “Peggy” and comedy spec “Dad” are going through various stages of the mind-mangle. Peggy’s being sanded, following a great review with my agent, Julia Wyatt at Berlin Associates.  “Dad” is peering over its glass at draft 2 and wondering what kind of beast it really is…;)

Spring 2017: Typing away…always up for collaborative chats!

2-5 March 2016:

Glitter Knickers, at the fantastic Rondo Theatre in Bath. Comedy about being in the middle. (And if you’re buying before midnight on 31 December, you can get 10% off with the promo code GLITTER.) Check out the Review page to see what the audience had to say. BOOK HERE!

Spring 2016:

What a delight! Further announcements to follow, so suffice it to say: 1-woman comedy-adventure. A bit of wee, a bit of a tear, and a LOT of laughing. For all grown-up girls and boys.

October 2014:

15 October, Dance Live! Aberdeen. Passion. dir: Alice Butler, tidy carnage theatre company. Information and tickets:

July 2014:

14 July, Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol: A Bit of a Song & Dance, dir Mandy Horlock, script in hand

Feb 2014:

Next shows –

1) 4-8 March, 6:30 pm – PASSION: – tidy carnage do their magic with Passion, a one-woman rave for a soldier with PTSD, as part of the excellent VAULTS Festival 2014

2) July (date to be announced), A BIT OF A SONG & DANCE: script in hand (development), at the Tobacco Factory Theatre

Jan 2014:

Gosh – no news for a while…Been improving the pilot script & submitting it for schemes and awards (shortlisted for 2 in 2013: BBC Frank Deasey & International Screenwriting Goldmine) as well as developing a new script on quantum mechanics which has figured hugely in the main blog.

At time of writing, I’ve just raised £1,800 in three weeks through crowdfunding with the massive help of a wide range of friends and supporters. This will pay for a day with professionals in a rehearsal room to stress-test the script.

I’ve also just (same day as hitting the £1,500 funding target) been accepted onto Screen Yorkshire’s national film talent scheme, Triangle. It develops relationships and work, lasts ten months and supports writers, directors and producers to create feature film projects.

Lastly, after quite a stage-drought (it was a very busy year at home, but as you can see, not idle!) Passion is appearing at the Vaults Festival in March (4-8th 2014, 6:30pm:, more info at thanks to the talented tidy carnage, and A Bit of a Song and Dance (formerly An Anaesthetic for Birthdays) is being developed by the Writers Forum @ the Tobacco Factory and will have a script in hand later in the year.

Happy new year, everyone!

May 2013:

I’ve been slogging, not slacking, honestly! Full rewrite of the C4 4Screenwriting pilot (long-listed for the BBC’s Frank Deasey Award – not close enough!!), new spec treatments that will grow into spec scripts, a generous award from the Peggy Ramsay Foundation for a new play and a strange other beast of a stage play that is bullying me to get writ. That’ll do…

June 2012:

Incredible times. Just completed the pilot for my Channel 4 4Screenwriting serial, The Act, and the text for tidy carnage’s Black Barn, which can be caught mid-month at the LOST theatre in south London (15, 16, 17th) – see here for more detail. AND PLEASE COME!

Alongside rehearsals (Glasgow and London, but me by phone), I’ve got a brilliant weekend with the other eleven 4Screenwriting writers, reading, feeding back, learning and grinning….we hope. At the time of writing, it’s v odd not to have a script to work on.  [This is self-delusion. There are three more projects to get from head to paper. – Ed.]

March 2012:

Where has the time gone? Currently submerged in two great projects, with a third just past.  The third was Feb 16th’s “world premier” of It’s All One, a family show (20 kids + 5 adults) for Theatre Royal Bath’s Shakespeare Unplugged Festival. Full house and much fun.

The current projects are my pilot for Channel 4’s 4Screenwriting programme (12 writers get a fantastic shot at TV writing, developing their own ideas in a “dry run”) and this month’s production of Away with the Fairies at the Alma Tavern Theatre in Bristol, with the superb Broohas theatre co and Eleanor Fogg as director. It’s all go!

January 2012:

An Anaesthetic for Birthdays rewrite is over and it’s been reborn as A Bit of a Song and Dance. More another time when I have recovered from that mammoth task.  In December, spent an excellently useful weekend at High Tide’s first ever writers’ retreat. Great lot of people, inspiring location. And just before Christmas, heard I’ve won a place on Channel 4’s 2012 screenwriters’ programme, 4 Screenwriting. Off in a couple of weeks for the first “installment”.

October 2011:

Been buried in a whirlwind of Shakespeare, which – thankfully – has transmogrified into shiny sparkliness (aka happy commissioners).  Translated: I submitted the final draft (rehearsals notwithstanding) of my piece for Theatre Royal Bath’s Feb ’12 Shakespeare Festival. All very exciting (some great stuff coming up).

Attended an excellent workshop run by Sarah Dickenson of the Soho Theatre at Bristol Old Vic (outreach, huzzah!) on style and am off to another in W1 next month on “voice”. And in the meantime, ideas buzz with fresh thrill as I prepare what I hope will be the last (hohoho) rewrite of An Anaesthetic for Birthdays – the fear-of-aging play. Am getting quite excited.

And last but by no means least, have had some excellent collaboration moments and possible future opportunities: we are all in talks about talks…

August 2011:

Where does the time go? A great, fun month. Kicked off with ‘Passion’, a 10-minute monologue as part of Eddie King & The Death of Rave (Darkstuff Productions) at the Tobacco Factory. Ali Watt delivered a stoater – see the reviews for more.

Then three days in rehearsal with No Milk, No Stamps, for a rehearsed reading at the Rondo with the fantastic Roughhouse Theatre and the original cast from the script’s 15-minute version (24 Hour Plays, May, Theatre Royal Bath). A great and patient audience: loads to consider before – and including – the next steps.
And lastly, a new commission and challenge, all about Shakespeare. But that’s for another day…

July 2011:

Very exciting – just begun mind-boggling on a piece for Darkstuff Productions’ gorgeous Pills, Thrills & Bellyaching – Eddie King and the Death of Rave – a night of theatre, music and general fun at the Tobacco Factory 2nd-4th August – check out the scripts & shows page for booking details!

– 11 July

June 2011:

A fantastic run of Water at the Rondo, with great audiences and a cast that were on fire! Reviews here. 23 June ’11

Less than one week to go before the opening night of Water’s Not So Thick at the Rondo. Described as “Love, hate and gin” by cast member Pavel Douglas…. 10 June ’11

Submitted something mad but also possibly beautiful for the Bruntwood with, ooo, hours to go before the deadline. Hey: only 2,187 other scripts in the running. 6 June ’11

May 2011:

24-Hour Theatre at the Ustinov a great success and so much fun: great cast, fab director (Hannah Drake) and superb production team in Roughhouse Theatre’s Shane Morgan and Jill Bennett and colleagues from Theatre Royal Bath’s Engage programme. Check out the Review page for Venue’s **** review – 30 May ’11

Rehearsals have begun for Water’s Not So Thick and it’s looking very exciting. An Anaesthetic for Birthdays went through the Ustinov’s Script Factory on May 18th, and is now ripe for its next development stage. Next up: 24-Hour Theatre at the Ustinov.- 22 May ’11

March-April 2011:

Water’s Not So Thick is almost fully cast, and I’ve joined the merry band of writers, actors and directors in this year’s 24-Hour Theatre at the Ustinov, Bath Theatre Royal (May 28-29th). If you’re not familiar with the concept, we get together on the Friday night, the writers hand over a 20-minute script on Saturday at breakfast, leaving the directors and cast to make it live, all lines learnt! More soon…

January-February 2011:

Water’s Not So Thick is heading into full-scale production in Bath this June, with Butterfly Psyche theatre company.  Away with the Fairies is also heading into production for later this year, early next.

22 September 2010:

Water’s Not So Thick came to life in its latest incarnation – and perhaps one of its last! – as part of the Ustinov (Bath Theatre Royal)’s Script Factory season today.  Again, all praise to director Sita Calvert-Ennals and the cast (Kezia Borrows, Tom Cullen, Pavel Douglas and Lynn Hunter) for undergoing an emotionally gruelling 2 1/2 days’ rehearsal period, bringing this pretty (very) unpleasant family drama to life. Thanks also to all at the Ustinov for getting it to this stage.

17 September 2010:

Away with the Fairies had its first real outing this evening: a very well crafted script-in-hand at the Alma Theatre Tavern in Bristol. The director, Duncan Bonner, and cast (Christine West, Pameli Benham and Marie Clifford) worked really hard and with a lot of props to make the world of Jinkster, an invisible troll, and three very feisty women come to life. Incredible what actors can make real with such little rehearsal time – I’m very grateful to the team and to Theatre West for selecting it! (And to the good-sized audience, who laughed in all the right places and gave very useful feedback!)

13 August 2010:

Away with the Fairies, an hour-long three-hander about two women in their 70s, a 59 year-old daughter and a troll, has been short-listed alongside three other scripts, to be one of Theatre West’s autumn season at the Alma Theatre Tavern in Bristol.  Today saw a read-through with the artistic directors and Radio 4’s Sara Davies – a very useful experience.

10 August 2010:

Some exciting developments – news to come in due course. Meantime, working on the final draft of Water’s Not So Thick for the Ustinov’s Script Factory on Sept. 22nd in Bath.

3 June 2010:

Everyone Loves a Story (formerly Blind Eye), wound up a superb ‘Push’ evening at the Ustinov (2 June), with scripts from Steve Lambert, Heather Lister, Tom Phillips and myself beautifully acted and superbly directed for a near-full house.

18 May 2010:

Blind Eye, a 15-minute, surreal short has been selected by Bath’s Ustinov Theatre to be part of ‘Push’, an evening of boundary-kicking new writing on 2 June.

15 May 2010:

An excerpt from One Man’s Honeypot had a reading yesterday at CAKE, Cornwall’s great new script-reading group, which has just celebrated its first birthday.

9 May 2010:

Thank you to all concerned at the Folk House – a great night with 6 new pieces given the script-in-hand treatment.

19 April 2010:

The smashing people at Bristol Folk House have picked The King Was In The Counting House to be one of their short rehearsed readings on Saturday 8th May, at 8pm. There were over 200 submissions, and the night will regale the audience with a happy six winners’ scripts. It’s only a fiver (which gets ploughed straight back into BFH’s great work) – call 0117 926 2987 for a ticket!

14 March 2010:

Last Thursday and Friday’s rehearsed readings at the Red Hedgehog for 17% went well. There was some great acting from a hard-working cast and director, and an impressive and helpful expert panel: Lucy Pitman-Wallace, Emma Adams, Sue Parrish, Cheryl Robson and Sam Hall.  Great to meet and share experiences and tips with women writers and actors – it doesn’t happen often enough!

24 Feb 2010:

Currently reworking a couple of pieces (see Work) and preparing for workshops for the rehearsed readings of The King…(11-12 March, Red Hedgehog, Highbury, London.)

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