Absurd journeys

Black Barn at LOST is now over. This dysfunctional circus family, scary siblings, pyromania and (understandable) reclusivity is – for now – a thing of the past. Theatre company tidy carnage did a great job with a sterling cast: Cameron Crighton, Helen Cuinn, Eilidh McCormick and Scott Reid, directed by Alice Butler with a superbly creepy set from Bethany Morris.

Here’s a glimmer or two from the audience’s eyes:

Very Dark. Seriously loved it.

Brilliantly bonkers!

tidy carnage pull one out the hat!

Thoroughly enjoyed the sinister surrealism of Gill Kirk’s Black Barn. Thought-provoking stuff. Loved it.”

Black Barn 15-17 June

Black Barn – it’s getting closer….15, 16, 17 June, LOST theatre, London

You think it’s just you. That footstep. That scrabble. That…breath? You shouldn’t be scared. You’re all grown-up now. Come on, come with us. Let’s go inside. Look: the door’s open.”

As you might have read below, I’m v excited about this project with tidy carnage. They’re a new, Glasgow-based company, working with new writing, movement and dance to find “engaging and intriguing” performances.  Believe me, this one is intriguing on all levels…(in a GOOD WAY!)

Date:  15th, 16th, 17th June 2012
Time: 8pm
Ticket prices: £10 full / £ 7 concessions
Box Office: 0844 847 1680 or click here

And if you want to advertise your enthusiasm and perhaps infect your friends with the urge, please do that thing you do on our facebook page.

In a dark, dark house…

Did you do this rhyme at primary school? “In a dark, dark house, there’s a dark, dark, door. Through the dark, dark door, there’s a dark dark room. In the dark dark room, there’s a MONSTER!”

I’ve loved the creepy and the uncanny since I could read. And – in a relationship that keeps banging into odd, odd coincidences – I had a very exciting conversation with the smart, thoughtful director Alice Butler, from Tidy Carnage, about the dark and uncanny places in our latest project.

We have a creepy script that I developed at High Tide’s winter retreat in Suffolk, about a man, a barn, a machine and a girl. We have – gorgeous to discover – very similar imagination wallpaper: if what we can see of each others’ minds were pinterest walls, they’d be pretty alike (but with excellent new discoveries for each).

And it’s all growing into the LOST theatre space and showing 15-17 June. It’s going to be a very exciting month…