Gladiators, rrrready???

An Anaesthetic for Birthdays goes into rehearsals tomorrow for its rehearsed reading on Wednesday night and I’m very excited.

This will be the first time it’s been “stood up” and the rhythms and riffs between the characters will take on a life outside my head / kitchen / early hour baby feeds.  Am just reading through now, and my mind’s full of questions about how the director (Salisbury Playhouse’s Mark Powell) is going to approach this. It’s all set in “real time” in one setting, a restriction which I hope will be quite liberating… Am going armed with the laptop for those inevitable rewrites….

Water has also gone into rehearsals now and I’m desperately trying to get to some (childcare issues). Alison Farina, the director, has had some intriguing ideas she’s not yet told me about and I’m itching to get in (whilst still maintaining a writerly distance, of course…).

Well, here’s to rehearsals!


  1. Timon Goode says:

    Hi Gill, a great little play in the making, I thought … Enjoyed the Ustinov performance very much, and the questions afterwards. Requested ‘friend’ on FaceLift but there wasn’t a messaging thingie to explain that I was in the audience, and that I’m also writing for theatre. Looking forward to your next work. All the best, Tim.


    1. trickylittleimp says:

      Hi, Tim – what a nice surprise – thanks for the feedback and really glad you enjoyed it!
      Look fwd to seeing your work, too!

      thanks again


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