Going at a Gallop

A gallop of a post:

First of all,  a humungous “hats off” to Shane Morgan of Roughhouse Productions, and Jill Bennett of Theatre Royal Bath for pulling together an astonishingly good 24Hour Plays on Friday – Saturday nights.  What a superb process and outcome, with six completely new short plays growing out of nothing, performed without scripts. At the risk of sounding very pseudy, it was a privilege!

Secondly, ‘An Anaesthetic for Birthdays’ at the Ustinov (18 May) was a great experience: Salisbury Playhouse’s Mark Powell directed a fine cast in bringing Letchworth’s finest curry house lobby to life. Now all I have to do is decide which of the twenty great comments to heed for the rewrite…

And lastly, the cast are well into ‘Water‘ rehearsals, with two weeks to go before the opening night.  Excitement’s in the air…

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