Eddie King & the Death of Rave – 2nd-4th Aug

Oooo, stuff from the surprise box is always great, isn’t it? Just agreed to join the merry crew taking part in Darkstuff Productions’ “Thrills Pills and Bellyaching – Eddie King and the Death of Rave” at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory on Aug 2-4th at 8-30pm.

This is gonna be a great show!

Here’s the spiel from Darkstuff:

Take yourself back to the 1990’s, just for a moment. A flash of lights, a blur of neon colour and the beat of music that hits at your acid-happy core…

Come celebrate one final night at a warehouse rave on the verge of oblivion where innocence is lost, memories are made and faith wavers. Another decade, another time, another Eddie and all is not as you might think. Join Eddie and his fellow rave-goers as the lost find each other for a moment and life frays at the edges.

Following two successful Eddie King events Darkstuff Productions returns to the Tobacco Factory Theatre with a whole new twist in the tale and a host of delightfully dark monologues. A night of new writing from Simon Harvey-Williams, Phil John, Gill Kirk, David Lane and Helen Parker, inspired by the euphoria-driven age of Rave. An age arguably the last great social happening of the Twentieth Century – an age before Facebook. The Acid Generation. Were you there? Are the memories stirring? Did Eddie King, that famous everyperson, overdo on the little pills and fry his brain?

Whether you’re a veteran raver, someone who wasn’t there the first time around, or an intrepid theatre explorer come plumb the depths of a dizzyingly exhilarating era without the morning-after headache.

This is not a rave.

This is a night to remember.

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