The thing is, too much thought and too little ability to translate that into a regular blog post…

A few fragments, then…Fresh from reviewing “Jigsy” – a Les Dennis one-man show at the Tobacco Factory. Last night was the “world premier”, tonight’s the last show! This was great theatre. My review for is here. Beautiful writing, great direction, superb performance. Phew.

Am working on something entirely new for me and have less than two weeks ’til deadline. In the current Kirk climate, that means c.10 hours’ writing time [9 month-old + pre-teens = say no more]. Need to learn to live like a slattern. (Must try harder.) What? Oh, what is it? A fab commission from Theatre Royal Bath for February’s Shakespeare Festival. The challenge: get the audience feeling confident about Shakespeare in 50 minutes. I’m loving it, as long as I don’t think about it too much!

And then there are The Projects. Someone smartly told me (nailed me) recently that I need to polish my work better, and she’s right, so there are a few important scripts that need polishing (not least the one about a right-wing government, curfews, riots and privacy incursions that I wrote 3 years ago), as well as developing No Milk No Stamps following August’s rehearsed reading.  And that’s all without The Ideas: the things that need writing from scratch; the creative team ideas that won’t go away….

Anglers sign off their notes to each other with “tight lines”. What’d be a good scriptwriterly sign off? Perhaps in this case,

Sleeping Babies


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