Reviews for Away With The Fairies

Away With The Fairies opened on 20 March and runs ’til March 31st. Here are some of my favourite reviews:

4 stars * * * *

“The strong all-female cast deliver the snappy dialogue with real energy. Kirsty Cox in particular is excellent as the put upon daughter as she has to deal with the two strong willed older women. Eleanor Fogg’s pacy direction alongside the script’s broadly drawn characters/scenarios gives the production the feel of a superior sitcom and it was refreshing to watch a play which had the primary intention of making the audience laugh rather than a play with just a few funny lines thrown in.

“With a light comic touch, Gill Kirk’s witty script manages to deal with exploring the complexities of human relationships, questioning the true value of money and art, while at the same time never forgetting to make its audience chuckle.”

4 stars * * * *

Bristol Theatre Review

“Yet another wonderful production staged by the Alma Tavern Theatre in Clifton…a short yet fantastic evening’s entertainment… With a brilliant script and immensely talented actresses, I could have most happily sat through more.”


“Gill Kirk’s script is well observed, clever and imaginative with some lovely little touches that evoke a variety of emotions. Director Eleanor Fogg has taken the script and designed a wonderful performance…Jasmine Darke, Meg Whelan and Kirsty Cox each gave a strong performance…an interesting and enjoyable show.”

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