Devoted & Disgruntled Roadshow: massive

There’s a thing called Devoted & Disgruntled (D&D). It’s for theatre people who love theatre but also get pissed off with it from time to time. It’s a forum, an open space where you gather, raise issues, talk about them, share them. It’s real and online.

It’s also on the road. Right now!

I spent last weekend at the Bristol D&D, which was hosted by the great peeps at the Tobacco Factory Theatre.  Yes: it’s on the road. It’s v much worth spelling out: there is a massive D&D roadshow happening right now. There are 20 dates!

TWENTY chances to go and hullabaloooooo about what you love and loathe, what you want to change, who you want to meet, what you want to do, how you might do it, who wants to join you, who you want to join….

Here – have a look! – D&D Roadshow.

It’s what you make of it –

  • I can tell you I feel fresh about my own work again;
  • I can tell you I fell across several new project ideas and collaborators;
  • I can tell you I met inspiring people who live just down the road and much further away;
  • I can tell you it was one of the best investments of my time for my own “craft” EVER (and it cost nowt).
  • But I can’t tell you what you’ll get.

HOWEVER – the conversations continue online – just click that link and join in. Or go to one near you. Or not! But for me, a big thanks to everyone who came, as well as to those who didn’t.

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