Image2012. Not what I thought at all, interestingly. I’m clearing up the office, prepping for an exciting year ahead, and putting old posters, reviews and script notes in their proper place (this only happens once a year).

I don’t like the weekend papers at this time of year – that “reviewing” thing, even dressed up as Hogmanay quizzes, just makes me a bit impatient. Hmm; I’ll figure that one out another time!

But – and did you know this? – people who regularly give thanks tend to be happier and live longer.  So in the spirit of enlightened self-interest, here’s some thanks on the writing front.

A huge thank you to Philip Shelley and Channel 4 for this year’s 4Screenwriting. Inspirational, eye-opening, craft-stretching. Name-check to my script ed, BBC Drama’s highly talented Paul Gilbert. It was like playing chess with a kindly grandfather (except he’s younger than me).  And through these patient and generous people, further big-ups to BBC Writers’ Room‘s Rachelle Constant for her encouragement, and my agent at Berlin Associates, Julia Wyatt, for whose enthusiasm and just “getting me” I can’t be grateful enough!

For a great commission for Theatre Royal Bath’s Shakespeare Unplugged Festival, Jill Bennett at TRB’s Engage programme, the 25-strong youth & community cast and director Shane Morgan, for ‘Away With The Fairies’, Eleanor Fogg and the Broohas: Meg Whelan, Kirsty Cox and Jasmine Darke, as well as the Alma Tavern Theatre. For Passion (mark 1b), Annabelle Wigoder at Bee Stung, The Old Red Lion, and of course Allie Butler and all at tidy carnage, who also get a big credit for the weirdly great Black Barn in June.

Lastly, a solid, heart-felt thanks for support, kickings, encouragement, nudges and winks to a spectacular cadre of groups and individuals for advice, wisdom and reading! That means Tanuja Amarasuriya at Theatre Bristol, Sarah Dickenson & the reading team at the Soho, Alison Farina, friends at the Writers’ Forum at the Tobacco Factory, and Improbably for this year’s marathon Devoted & Disgruntled – an invaluable Thing.

Thank you, have a great 2013 and see you there!  

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