Leslie Crowther & The Red Pen of Time

I’m catching up on the quantum script after moving house.  As you’d expect, I had put the annotated script “somewhere really safe”…. far too safe, it turns out. Almost four months later, it was still “lost but obviously not lost”. Panic was forbidden. It was just not lost. Right?

The irony of this is not lost, however: a play all about “what if?” & woulda-coulda-shoulda was always going to turn up….just not necessarily in this universe, and certainly (if we go with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics) it wouldn’t help to go looking…Sorry. I’m making quantum physics jokes that I haven’t earnt the right to make…

It seems to be (look at all this havering and hedging about) that being somehow unable to work on a script for 7 months might be a Good Thing. Scripty types know why: not seeing the wood for the trees (even those which might not fall unless watched…). Now I’ve got a far better chance of being some kind of reasonable script editor / dramaturg / red-pen-demon for myself. And I’m a great believer in timing. “The Time Is Right”… conjuring up Leslie Crowther-esque images of a weird QM game show…Maybe I’ve just found my title….



  1. Diane Lewis says:

    Been meaning to congratulate you on your words of wisdom. Ah! Your struggle is that of many women in the world of performance. BTW Toby and I are near the RSC now so if you and the wee one are this way…….. Sad that acting and writing are obviously prone to casual misogyny as being a musician is. X

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    1. Gill Kirk says:

      How brilliantly wonderful to hear from you! Will find you on FB and continue this there!


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