The Who

13087378_10154213825548628_1875514115179014466_nI’m a constantly-learning theatre writer who’s also learning how to write for film and telly. I’ve had a few plays on, and been extremely fortunate in having superb theatre, TV and film industry support, including the 2014 Screen Yorkshire’s Triangle feature film talent development scheme and the 2012 Channel 4 4Screenwriting scheme.* Much of the time, I am merrily up to my oxsters in script development, treatments, chalk and post-it notes.

I live in Bath, write there and, actually, anywhere … I’m an ex-politician, a professional campaigner, former goth and one-time Woolies record-counter girl and double-glazing cold-caller. Also, a family-member in all directions that gender and law allow.

If you’d like to get in touch, please drop me a line.


*showy-offy detail is here.

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