A bad writer…

Before you leap in, protesting, writing letters to the Queen, setting up Change.org petitions, I’ll say I don’t mean I’m a bad writer….just an appalling blog writer. Phew. The country heaved a sigh and put down its quills.

On the 1001 excuses list, the top one is I’ve been writing. Loads. All of it (fanfare) unpaid! I mean, obviously, it’s an investment in my future, for when someone does pay for this stuff. (Don’t breathe, cough or in any way prick my bubble here). But in the last two months- aside from the brilliant two development days (‘A Bit of a Song & Dance’ and ‘QM’ at the Tobacco Factory and Tricycle respectively- huge thanks to both for the resources), I’ve been writing, pitching and rewriting.

  • A TV drama which I am v in love with
  • a feature film, with a producer, v Britflick in a post-Curtis age
  • a comedy TV serial
  • a sci-fi/ dystopic /satirical feature with a co-writer/director which should tickle many fancies
  • a new play, written in a whole new way for me, in which I will probably end up using myself as some kind of experiment (feeling a bit LaBute there, a la The Shape of Things…)

And all the while, the fab Allie Butler at tidy carnage continue their Passion adventure, taking the show to Aberdeen Dance Live in October (local? Here’s the spiel!)

So, work goes on. And if you have funds for a writer who definitely hasn’t (ever) stopped, you know where to find me! (Through the Who page!)

In a dark, dark house…

Did you do this rhyme at primary school? “In a dark, dark house, there’s a dark, dark, door. Through the dark, dark door, there’s a dark dark room. In the dark dark room, there’s a MONSTER!”

I’ve loved the creepy and the uncanny since I could read. And – in a relationship that keeps banging into odd, odd coincidences – I had a very exciting conversation with the smart, thoughtful director Alice Butler, from Tidy Carnage, about the dark and uncanny places in our latest project.

We have a creepy script that I developed at High Tide’s winter retreat in Suffolk, about a man, a barn, a machine and a girl. We have – gorgeous to discover – very similar imagination wallpaper: if what we can see of each others’ minds were pinterest walls, they’d be pretty alike (but with excellent new discoveries for each).

And it’s all growing into the LOST theatre space and showing 15-17 June. It’s going to be a very exciting month…

Be Stung by Beestung!

Congrats to  Annabel Wigoder and Lucy Ter Berg of Beestung Productions who pulled off a smashing night at London’s Old Red Lion theatre on Monday night (2 April).  Sold out early on, the show featured six pieces, including my Passion (dir. by the superb Alice Butler and performed breath-takingly by Scott Reid): Annabel’s own The Get Out Clause, Lucinda Burnett’s Give Generously, Eddie Robson’s Public Image, Gregory Skulnick’s Flynn and Atiha sen Gupta’s Toilet.

I’m delighted to have been a part of it, to have seen such great writing, directing and acting in one very short evening. Watch out for everyone I’ve been able to name-check here and many actors and others I couldn’t. Top stuff.

From fulfilment to survival

A superb two weeks of Broohas’ production of Away with the Fairies is now over. A fat and happy thank you to the Broohas team, director Eleanor Fogg and the Alma Tavern Theatre in Clifton, the Adepts of the technicals and ten chuckling audiences.

Tomorrow, the focus shifts from the seeming wimsy of Fairies‘ world of Rufus the invisible troll, to the hellish inner torment of an ex-squaddie, back from Helmand.

This is Passion, a ten-minute monologue which first took breath as part of Eddie King & the Death of Rave last August at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory. It’s part of a great night of shorts run by Beestung Productions at Islington’s Old Red Lion pub theatre.  Director Alice Butler has been hard at work rehearsing in Glasgow with the team – I can’t wait to see what they’ve developed.