A bad writer…

Before you leap in, protesting, writing letters to the Queen, setting up Change.org petitions, I’ll say I don’t mean I’m a bad writer….just an appalling blog writer. Phew. The country heaved a sigh and put down its quills. On the 1001 excuses list, the top one is I’ve been writing. Loads. All of it (fanfare)Continue reading “A bad writer…”

In a dark, dark house…

Did you do this rhyme at primary school? “In a dark, dark house, there’s a dark, dark, door. Through the dark, dark door, there’s a dark dark room. In the dark dark room, there’s a MONSTER!” I’ve loved the creepy and the uncanny since I could read. And – in a relationship that keeps bangingContinue reading “In a dark, dark house…”

Be Stung by Beestung!

Congrats to  Annabel Wigoder and Lucy Ter Berg of Beestung Productions who pulled off a smashing night at London’s Old Red Lion theatre on Monday night (2 April).  Sold out early on, the show featured six pieces, including my Passion (dir. by the superb Alice Butler and performed breath-takingly by Scott Reid): Annabel’s own TheContinue reading “Be Stung by Beestung!”

From fulfilment to survival

A superb two weeks of Broohas’ production of Away with the Fairies is now over. A fat and happy thank you to the Broohas team, director Eleanor Fogg and the Alma Tavern Theatre in Clifton, the Adepts of the technicals and ten chuckling audiences. Tomorrow, the focus shifts from the seeming wimsy of Fairies‘ worldContinue reading “From fulfilment to survival”