From fulfilment to survival

A superb two weeks of Broohas’ production of Away with the Fairies is now over. A fat and happy thank you to the Broohas team, director Eleanor Fogg and the Alma Tavern Theatre in Clifton, the Adepts of the technicals and ten chuckling audiences.

Tomorrow, the focus shifts from the seeming wimsy of Fairies‘ world of Rufus the invisible troll, to the hellish inner torment of an ex-squaddie, back from Helmand.

This is Passion, a ten-minute monologue which first took breath as part of Eddie King & the Death of Rave last August at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory. It’s part of a great night of shorts run by Beestung Productions at Islington’s Old Red Lion pub theatre.  Director Alice Butler has been hard at work rehearsing in Glasgow with the team – I can’t wait to see what they’ve developed.


  1. John Ford says:


    Great to run into you today after all those years. Have joined your blog to keep up to date. Hope tonight goes well. I wish I could make it.

    John Ford


    1. Gill says:

      Isn’t the world a great place? Brilliant to see you: a marvellous augur for the lovely day that followed. Thanks for getting in touch! x


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