Working with Gill

A few reviews – not of the shows – but of the “working with the writer” variety. I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people. Here’s how they rate the experience:

Clair Titley, Director/Producer, Red Bucket Pictures:

“Gill is the ultimate story-smith! I worked with Gill on the early stages of development of my feature film script and found her skills and expertise invaluable to my project.

“She has an uncanny ability to navigate the many twists and turns of an idea that sometimes seem overwhelming as a director – especially when you have been emerged in a project for sometime. Through her guidance and help I have been able to move on to the next stage of pre-production.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gill to anyone who needs support in this way, whether commercially or as a creative yourself.”

Amanda Horlock freelance Director/ Actor. Co-ordinator of the Writers’ Forum @ The Tobacco Factory Theatres:

“I straight away knew “A Bit of a Song and Dance” had some theatrical magic. A Potteresque madcap comedy with a lot of pathos, and I determined to make it the next exploration of the Writers Forum.

“All the formidable actors I asked to join us jumped at the chance once they had read the script. Gill is incredibly open creatively when it comes to discussing the script and has the genuine confidence in and passionate care in her work to “play” with possibilities both before and during rehearsal. She knows her characters and has their best interests in her big heart, and most importantly she wants to know how her story will best be served up to her audience, and works tirelessly for compelling clarity.

“She is a joy to work with, as was her play. We had a magical moving day, all a bit exhausted in the best way.” 

Kirsty Cox, Broohas Theatre Company:

“Gill is a wonderfully creative writer to work with. As an actor, I can honestly say her lines are a joy to deliver and she is someone who is consistently happy to take feedback and to discuss character development, always working as part of the team to create the best production possible.” 

Jill Bennett, Engage Programme, Theatre Royal Bath:

“Gill is a powerhouse of energy and creativity – a positive force for change, with the ability to write dialogue which makes the audience feel much less alone.”

Shane Morgan, Director, Roughhouse Theatre Company:

“Gill’s work is always engaging. She is a professional, collaborative artist whose work as a writer is always worth seeking out as is her involvement in a project.”

Alice Butler, Director, tidy carnage theatre collective:

“I have worked with Gill on a number of occasions and have always found her a thoughtful, intelligent and creative writer to collaborate with. Her writing is a joy to direct and she is an absolute rarity in being a playwright who will genuinely take ideas on board and work in tandem with a director towards creating a show.

“Gill is a real pleasure to have in a rehearsal room and has an instinctive way of handling actors’ queries. I always look forward to working with Gill and would recommend her without hesitation to any fellow director.

Alison Farina, Director & Producer, Butterfly Psyche Theatre Company:

“Working with Gill is a great pleasure. Not only is she an incredibly talented writer, she is 100% aware and appreciative of the theatre-making process.

“Gill is refreshingly committed to working with professionals in the rehearsal room with the bigger picture (and ultimately the strength of the piece) always in sight.

“This sort of working-relationship is invaluable in a collaborative environment, such as theatre and I cannot recommend working with her enough.”

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