Vim, vim, vim

I know. Shame on me. August? That’s the last time I was here? Alas, no. Twice I’ve got excited, blogged merrily away and the darn thing would not upload. So this will be short – just in case.

I have, nonetheless, been busy. The spec screenplay has undergone a complete rewrite (this is my 4Screenwriting project) and I’m working on two big projects for next year, as well. I’ve also been blessed with a wonderful, smart, sharp agent (more on her another time, no doubt) and am garnering together a really exciting range of ideas for future projects.

Lucy Gannon, superb writer of The Best of Men, Dad, Eastenders, Peak Practice and many other shows, said recently (BBC Drama Writers’ Festival) that there just isn’t enough time for her to write all the stories she wants to write. Life is just too full. It’s great to hear that – it’s just how I feel.Image

The point then is to be 100% sure that you’re then writing what you NEED to write before you die (beautifully and best expressed here, by Jason Arnopp, who I coincidentally also met in Leeds this summer).  There’s too much ink, too many pixels, too little time. Make it matter and if it needs time to ferment, get out of the house….

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  1. Katherine says:

    Inspiring stuff. One of my favourite quotes about writing (requoted by Derrick Jensen in “Walking on Water”) is that whenever you sit down to write, it should be as if someone is holding a gun to your head and that this is your last chance to say what you want to say to the world. (paraphrasing wildly, but that’s the gist of it.) Then today, I found this article by Neil Gaiman on how most creatives don’t put plans in place for what happens to their work on their death. So while we’re dwelling on morbidity, it seems appropriate!


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