ImageIt’s been three months since I was here last! Thankfully, I know you don’t expect (or want) an apology…

June and July saw a mass of playwriting deadlines for writery types. Of the theatres that still accept unsolicited scripts, many have moved to “open submission windows”, instead of accepting scripts all year round. Some are positioned as competitions, others as open doors – and there were several this summer. Pity the readers! Pity the writers come autumn, when we learn of several failures in one go!

The “oniony play” keeps growing. Inspired by the work and approach of Hannah Silva on ‘The Disappearance of Sadie Jones’, I approached friend, writer and dramaturg David Lane to work with me.  We’ve worked on a few pieces together, almost since I first started writing. We don’t always completely agree (this is a good thing), but more importantly than anything, I trust the way his mind works and have a huge respect for his insights.

‘Cos I live and work mainly on my tod (tho’ toddler-genius is often pretty helpful) my judgement could be brilliant or dire and I won’t really know. I’ll plod merrily away, oblivious to the impact of whatever I’m trotting out (verbal, physical, written), so it’s especially great to have David along for this ride: he’s got me over the fear-hurdle and galloping merrily onwards. 

In other news, I’m tapping away on a here-and–there and plots and plans in a mixture of theatre, screen and misc. bits, in particular a couple of projects where the characters wake me up in the night with their derring-do and rumbunctious revelations (“of course! It was right under my nose!” etc). No shows coming up, no star billings or autographs, but quietly clackety-clacking and getting the work done…


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