Do Not Disturb: an arts satire

“A satire about arts and funding in a post-BBC, post-sterling world. Two civil servants hunt a dangerous script to stop it infecting a world that’s free of disturbing theatre. They disguise themselves as theatre types and get enmeshed in the glamour. Everyone’s lying for accolades, acceptance and – er – maybe art.”

architecture room indoors auditorium

This is the blurb for Do Not Disturb, the latest to leave my redrafting fingers, ready for a wild world of producers and partnerships. Huge thanks to the talented and generous professionals who gave me a table-read in the summer and those others who’ve given thoughtful feedback on this pacy, satirical beast.

I’m heading into my next work – a very different thing – with Pitlochry Festival Theatre soon, but when I come back, Do Not Disturb will be looking for collaborators. If you think you’d be interested in hearing more, please drop me a line. Be great to hear from you.

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  1. krisp06 says:

    Sounds a treat Gillian. If there were a music element – and it has a sort of potential “The Producers” feel to it- I would suggest Andy Barnes at Perfect Pitch.

    There is also: Mischief Theatre and Kenny Wax.

    and BP, of course, who have shedload of money looking for an artistic home.

    Will put my thinking cap on.

    Very best

    Trevor Chenery

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gillian Kirk says:

      Cor, Trevor, what brilliant ideas. I’m not averse to a bit of music, tho’ only a French Horn player myself (no composer). I’ll get busking outside BP House… These are fab ideas – thanks!


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