– I didn’t tell you to have a climate emergency panic!

– You didn’t?

– No! That’s a typo. I want you to have a climate emergency PICNIC.

At Bath’s Rondo Theatre at 7:30 on Monday 2 March, writer Gill Kirk’s giving theatre lovers a chance to peek behind the curtain of her new show – halfway through its development.  With this pre-tour script-in-hand show, she and her team at Glitter Knickers Productions are encouraging us to laugh at the dark side of our attitudes to climate change.  

The show, SKIN IN THE GAME, is about a near-apocalyptic near-future. The once-unimaginable has happened; climate despair is not only met with lots of tasteless “bread & circuses” light entertainment – but also with worrying abuses of power. 

Gill’s developing this satirical dark comedy with a talented team from TV, film and theatre.  Directed by Bristol’s Amanda Horlock, the cast on 2 March include familiar faces: 

  • Ed Browning – known to Poldark fans as Paul Daniel from the BBC 1 ratings-winner
  • Emma Cleasby – the lead in Sean Pertwee horror Dog Soldiers, and from 55 Degrees North alongside Dervla Kirwan and Don Gilet
  • Nik Howden – Stan Laurel in BBC4’s  “Stan” 
  • Zachary Powell – a regular with Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory and Luke in the David Tennant film,  ‘You, Me and Him’ 
  • Rachel Vowles – from Exeter’s Nuts & Volts theatre company, a physical theatre expert and a Director of CredFest.  

Inspired by a holiday walk in the Highlands, Gill’s idea for the show won her an artist’s residency with Pitlochry Festival Theatre. It’s attracting interest from theatres across the country and she’s working with Olivier-winning producer Joe Brown (whose UK and international tours include Footloose, Bring It On The Musical, We Will Rock You, Fame, Avenue Q) and Trowbridge-based production manager David Doust to take it on tour after 2 March’s one-night-only audience event. 

Held at Bath’s new writing theatre, Larkhall’s Rondo, 2 March is a must for the climate-curious and concerned, for theatre-lovers who want to see the creative process in action and would like to contribute to a new work, and anyone who enjoys a skewed look at the possible future to come. “Dark comedy is perhaps how we cope with life’s tough questions,” says Gill. “Whatever your feelings about our climate-future, the question for us is, ‘Are you game enough to be in the audience?!’ ”. 


1.Skin In The Game – script-in-hand: 7:30, Mon 2 March, Rondo Theatre, St Saviours Rd, Bath BA1 6RT

2. Booking’s recommended (limited seats): £5.34 at:

3. Gill is a graduate of Channel 4’s prestigious 4Screenwriting programme and perhaps best known locally for her 2016 play Glitter Knickers. Others include Passion (London Vaults, Aberdeen Dance, Tobacco Factory), Away With The Fairies (Bristol’s Alma), Water’s Not So Thick (Ustinov development; Rondo). 

4. For more information, please email the producers and 

Booking Open: New Show

My new dark climate comedy Skin In The Game has a pre-tour script-in-hand show on Monday 2 March at Bath’s Rondo Theatre. Seats are limited – get yours here:

The cast and creatives are ridiculously talented. I’ll tell you more about them very soon. Meanwhile, some smashing images that illustrate a little about this dark climate comedy…

Do Not Disturb: an arts satire

“A satire about arts and funding in a post-BBC, post-sterling world. Two civil servants hunt a dangerous script to stop it infecting a world that’s free of disturbing theatre. They disguise themselves as theatre types and get enmeshed in the glamour. Everyone’s lying for accolades, acceptance and – er – maybe art.”

architecture room indoors auditorium

This is the blurb for Do Not Disturb, the latest to leave my redrafting fingers, ready for a wild world of producers and partnerships. Huge thanks to the talented and generous professionals who gave me a table-read in the summer and those others who’ve given thoughtful feedback on this pacy, satirical beast.

I’m heading into my next work – a very different thing – with Pitlochry Festival Theatre soon, but when I come back, Do Not Disturb will be looking for collaborators. If you think you’d be interested in hearing more, please drop me a line. Be great to hear from you.

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Glittering Audiences: day 2


Lucinda Holloway, star of Glitter Knickers at the Rondo Theatre

Glitter Knickers is proving (on the evidence of two nights) to be something people like! We had another smashing audience, with a very large “on the door” queue. I hope you’ll indulge my sharing some feedback – and if it inspires you to come, that would be wonderful – just tonight & Saturday (4/5 March) left! Book here.

“Bloody amazing”

“Hilarious, beautifully observed, artfully written. Go.”

“Go and see Glitter Knickers: it’s brilliant!!”

“Great night out. Very, very funny show.”

“Blown away! Funny real clever moving.”

“A tour de force in writing & performance -catch it.”

“Hugely enjoyed Glitter Knickers:  great script, perfect casting and laugh out loud funny.”

“It really is fantastic and will resonate with women everywhere. Made me laugh continuously.”

“You are a consummate storyteller Gill and this play is a romp through the imagination and Lucinda created such visual imagery. It was a joy! Huge congratulations to all involved. Thank you for a great night at the theatre.”

What a week – open Glitter Knickers!

chron guide front page 26 feb 16 GK

We made the front page of Bath Chronicle’s arts guide – in the week of the Literary Festival, with Brian Blessed, Caitlin Moran, Gloria Steinem & Jamie Cullum! We open tonight (Wed 2 March) & run til Sat 5th. Tickets are selling very healthily, so you won’t be surprised when I recommend you to book! One click and away you go: