Lawks – new news!

What a delight is life!

Further announcements to follow, so suffice it to say there will be a new show on stage next year, a 1-woman comedy-adventure. What will you get? A bit of wee,  a wee bit of a tears and a LOT of laughing. For all grown-up girls and boys.

Mid-writing, I’m doing this scripty stuff on me tod, so I’m recruiting the unsuspecting and the guilty to join in. Apart from sharing titbits of text with some other honest writers here and there, I’ve set up a FB page where anyone at all can post and respond to sillinesses on the themes of the play.

Interested? Click here and then “like” the page, and you can be the audience in the heart of the thing’s very creation! (and I will be very grateful).

And lastly, the very funny and very talented cartoonist Jackie Fleming has given me the OK to use her cartoons for this project, as long as I credit her and let you know she has a new book out in March! Check her out here!

jackie fleming princess tumblr_mqqtj2f4Yf1snlpvco1_r1_1280


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