Skin In The Game – life in the veins!

Remember my dark climate comedy, Skin In The Game, that grew from an idea on holiday?

Well, what an amazing thing Monday’s workshop and script in hand show were. The cast were STUPENDOUS. The director was AWESOME. The tech was ASTOUNDING. I am not joking you. I am a very happy bunny. And the AUDIENCE? I think about 60 came, and THEY LAUGHED! (There will, I hope, be video… ) And keeping me sane throughout, marvellous producer Joe C Brown, production manager David Doust with early support from Rebecca Megson and very wise mentoring-of-me by Caitlin Skinner of Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

Total props due to:

  • Director – Amanda Horlock
  • Cast – Emma Cleasby, Zachary Powell, Ed Browning, Rachel Vowles, Nik Howden
  • Light Design & lights/sound operation – Luke John Emmett
  • Sound design – Myles McLeod
  • And Ian, Pippa & Jessy at the marvellous Rondo Theatre for their generous in-kind donation of the space for the day and night.


Next steps? A tour, I hope. But for now, I will leave you with some of audience feedback:

Image 08-03-2020 at 14.22

What a joy. I love this show. Huge thanks to everyone involved so far. If you think you’d like to get involved with this wonderful project in any way (investors, partners, collaborators all very welcome!), do give me a shout.



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