Brain-Pickings, Skills-Swaps, Audience-delighting & Fair Pay

Know about or just excited by audio drama? Read on!

Earlier this year, while working with the superb team on Skin In The Game, I was advised (and agreed) that learning how to produce my own work was a skill I should get. I signed up for a course – and then the pandemic hit. Skin’s October London opening and possible tour’s been put on hold, and like everyone else, my attention’s gone to keeping my head above water.

But life’s a funny thing and stories rarely lie still. A Facebook “Memory” post prompted a happy nostalgia-fest, which in turn has grown into an exciting new project: an audio adaptation of one of my most-loved plays. You’ll have to wait a wee bit to find out which, but it means that I am now getting my chance to produce.

So, welcome to Glitter Knickers Productions. A fun and creative outfit whose goals are audience-delighting and fair pay. The first of those is being handled very adroitly by a talented director and cast. The second is over to me.

If you know how to sell audio drama, want to get involved, do a skills swap* with me for your know-how, or are interested in sponsoring or investing, I would love to hear from you. Here’s where you drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you. All ideas, suggestions and requests for more information are very welcome!

*strategic comms / branding / writing coaching / proofing etc – check out my other Wurzel-head that does that over here.

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