12 hours

I’ve just had an astonishing 12 hours. Overnight, the talentbacker campaign for script development for the quantum script (see previous post) hit and then exceeded its target with 6 days still to go. It’s not like running a race, cheered on by friends. It’s like asking them to run for you, while you keep yellingContinue reading “12 hours”

Raising cash with Upsy-Daisy & the Quantum Suicide Rifle

I made a film! I’m relentlessly asking people for MONEY! And it’s all about that terrier of a play on quantum mechanics (what? you missed me talking about it? Let me help you out: The heartbeat of an onion, Developing this oniony play – in pictures, and Gnash, gobble, splat: the sounds of a new script hitting the genre wall)Continue reading “Raising cash with Upsy-Daisy & the Quantum Suicide Rifle”

M-O-N-E-Y and the “emerging writer”

I’m a member of a professional writers’ group for the Bath / Bristol area. Great people, all quite different in style and temperament. Very supportive. I don’t get there often enough (childcare, blah de blah) but without fail, it’s inspiring. So here’s last night. After a session on another writer’s work, we rolled up ourContinue reading “M-O-N-E-Y and the “emerging writer””


It’s been three months since I was here last! Thankfully, I know you don’t expect (or want) an apology… June and July saw a mass of playwriting deadlines for writery types. Of the theatres that still accept unsolicited scripts, many have moved to “open submission windows”, instead of accepting scripts all year round. Some areContinue reading “Clackety-Clack”

Developing this oniony play – in pictures

I sometimes feel I don’t get visual enough on this wee blog. So I thought I’d try to raise a Friday afternoon smile from you (I just hit 7 hours with only a short breather, working on this oniony play’s structure/s and need a break). I’m going to show you my scribbles that have takenContinue reading “Developing this oniony play – in pictures”

The heartbeat of an onion

The play I’m working on has turned out to be an onion of a piece. Except that the layers seem, at first glance, to have very little to do with each other. It started with some Keith Johnston-inspired automatic writing (long story). Under that layer, something ridiculously epic, galactically so. Get through that one, andContinue reading “The heartbeat of an onion”

Say Who You Are

For all kinds of human reasons, I’ve been absent here. But I have been writing. OK – pre-writing: in one of those “hold fire” poses, pen in hand, ink pot unscrewed. And my brain will not be still. There are the strands, the Big Things. There are characters, growing warts and bad habits by theContinue reading “Say Who You Are”

Gnash, gobble, splat: the sounds of a new script hitting the genre wall

It is a fine thing to get the teeth into a new script. Delicious, clean pages. Fresh bodies waiting to spurt, the splatter marks on the walls giving us the story to decipher, like CSIs of dramatic fiction. Does that make the writer a bitey vampire or besplattered detective? Either way – and I suspectContinue reading “Gnash, gobble, splat: the sounds of a new script hitting the genre wall”

Muscle, sinew, brain surgery

I’ve spent the last few months at the lathe. Honing, smoothing, cutting myself, wiping the blood off the creation… It’s been very interesting. 2012’s been a year of muscle, driven without a doubt by the rigour of Channel 4’s 4Screenwriting course, which I was fortunate enough to get a place on this year. Every sinewContinue reading “Muscle, sinew, brain surgery”