New happenings and challenges

Time indeed for an update! Since the last posting, there’s been much merry activity.

Firstly, work continues on the Script Factory seed commission at the Ustinov, Theatre Royal Bath, An Anaesethetic For Birthdays.  Under the very expert guidance of dramaturg David Lane, I have–much more slowly than usual–been working on developing the world of the play, understanding its ‘anchors’ (what grounds it), and developing the characters in depth.  The added challenge is that I had a baby at New Year and so am learning to juggle the feeding with one hand and writing with the other. To be honest, I’ve totally given up on that, and bought myself some excellent dictation software: this could result in a very interesting way kind of play!

Secondly, Water’s Not So Thick, the latest incarnation of which had a Ustinov Script Factory outing last September, is going into professional production in June, with Butterfly Psyche theatre company. We are just about to begin casting, so watch this space.

And thirdly, Away With The Fairies is also poised for professional production later this year. For the last few months, I’ve been enjoying talking to a new women’s theatre company about working together. Now we just have to find ourselves the right venue. More on this in due course!

Now, can anyone make me a third arm or add six hours to the day?

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  1. June Trask says:

    Hi Gill,
    Just wanted to say Congratulations on the baby!!! Last time I saw you you were VERY pregnant! What a change in your life…I like the idea of a dictaphone…let us know how it inspires you and how different your ‘notes’ are…
    Have some news in my playwriting, directing life…email me – when you have time!!


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