Put your Skin In The Game

It’s been a while!

  2. YOU CAN BE A BACKER – and the rewards are genuinely great!

Today we just launched our Crowdfunder with a Facebook Live – me, producer Kristin Duffy at Slackline Productions and director Sarah Gain. You can have 35 mins of our podcast-y wit here!

You can join the crowdfunder from the very start (if we don’t hit target by 8 Nov, we don’t get a penny!): here!

And you can even book to see the show! Here! (Hint – come early in the run, because you will want to see it again – genuinely!)

Let me remind you what it’s all about…with a little help from my friends at Slackline…

We’re creating a near-apocalyptic near-future climate chaos play – and we need your help to bring it to life.

Are you terrified of the climate crisis – or taking it all a bit less seriously? Are you ready to cope with a little dark humour?

‘Skin in the Game’ wonders what would happen if the response to the real climate apocalypse wasn’t action, nor indifference… but “bread & circuses” light entertainment.

Whatever your feelings about our climate-future, the question is: Are you game enough to be in the audience? Are you game enough to help bring it to life? Do YOU have Skin in the Game???

‘Skin in the Game’ has been in development since the summer of 2019, when playwright Gill Kirk was struck by lightning whilst walking in Scotland. 

Ok, not exactly- but a freak storm did strike her with inspiration… and now it’s time to bring that inspiration to the stage. Excitingly, Skin In The Game has been chosen as one of three new writing plays to make its debut at the New Wimbledon Studio theatre as part of their FIRST-EVER Premieres Season. But to get it on stage and to do credit to Gill Kirk’s brilliant (and bonkers!) writing, we need a cast, rehearsals, costumes… and a Derek the Bee God mask.

To thank you for your support of grassroots independent theatre, we have some excellent rewards on offer for supporters – check the rewards list on the right for all the latest. More

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