The Ustinov Writers’ Forum Moves to the Tobacco Factory

As you might have spotted if you read this blog regularly, I’ve been a member of a superb group of writers at the Ustinov. This group is now moving to the Tobacco Factory and this statement from the Forum explains the how and the why. If you would like to know more about what we’reContinue reading “The Ustinov Writers’ Forum Moves to the Tobacco Factory”

Theatrical Viagra / Talent Ahoy!

Ok, no, so we’re not talking about Nicole Kidman in The Blue Room. In case you were wondering. No.  But I am fresh from having my full-production cherry merrily popped by Alison Farina’s Butterfly Psyche theatre company and the Rondo Theatre in Bath. Last Wednesday to Saturday was Water’s Not So Thick‘s first full-scale outing.Continue reading “Theatrical Viagra / Talent Ahoy!”

Reviews: ‘Water’s Not So Thick’

4 stars * * * * Venue Magazine  “Acutely observed and sharp as tacks, [with]  plenty of wit and humour … that soon gives way to a much bleaker portrait of dysfunction and dependence, and a plot which builds with the relentless momentum of tragedy.”   “I wholeheartedly recommend that you go.” – Guide2Bath “Gill Kirk’sContinue reading “Reviews: ‘Water’s Not So Thick’”

Going at a Gallop

A gallop of a post: First of all,  a humungous “hats off” to Shane Morgan of Roughhouse Productions, and Jill Bennett of Theatre Royal Bath for pulling together an astonishingly good 24Hour Plays on Friday – Saturday nights.  What a superb process and outcome, with six completely new short plays growing out of nothing, performedContinue reading “Going at a Gallop”

Gladiators, rrrready???

An Anaesthetic for Birthdays goes into rehearsals tomorrow for its rehearsed reading on Wednesday night and I’m very excited. This will be the first time it’s been “stood up” and the rhythms and riffs between the characters will take on a life outside my head / kitchen / early hour baby feeds.  Am just readingContinue reading “Gladiators, rrrready???”

Take a big STEP

When I was about two years old, I went to ballet and tap lessons.  My parents still hoot with laughter at the memory of me reciting ad infinitum, “take a big STEP, take a big STEP,”  as I practised my complicated routine by striding around the living room. That’s the posting’s title explained–kind of. It’sContinue reading “Take a big STEP”

New happenings and challenges

Since the last posting, there’s been much merry activity. …The added challenge is that I had a baby at New Year and so am learning to juggle the feeding with one hand and writing with the other. To be honest, I’ve totally given up on that, and bought myself some excellent dictation software: this could be a very interesting way to write a play!