A quantum of an update

Just a very quick cheat of a posting: click here for the first update for supporters of the quantum play. News on our support from Old Vic New Voices Lab, how we beat the fundraising target by 25%, a piece in Arts Professional on what not to do and the skinny on this month’s bigContinue reading “A quantum of an update”

Chance to see…

Upcoming show dates: 4-8 March, 6:30 pm, London – PASSION: http://www.thevaultfestival.com/passion/ – tidy carnage do their magic with Passion, a one-woman rave for a soldier with PTSD, as part of the excellent VAULTS Festival 2014. Edan’s back from Afghanistan and raving; hunting an escape. Just what kind of escape will become all too clear… JulyContinue reading “Chance to see…”

Absurd journeys

Black Barn at LOST is now over. This dysfunctional circus family, scary siblings, pyromania and (understandable) reclusivity is – for now – a thing of the past. Theatre company tidy carnage did a great job with a sterling cast: Cameron Crighton, Helen Cuinn, Eilidh McCormick and Scott Reid, directed by Alice Butler with a superblyContinue reading “Absurd journeys”

Black Barn 15-17 June

Black Barn – it’s getting closer….15, 16, 17 June, LOST theatre, London You think it’s just you. That footstep. That scrabble. That…breath? You shouldn’t be scared. You’re all grown-up now. Come on, come with us. Let’s go inside. Look: the door’s open.” As you might have read below, I’m v excited about this project withContinue reading “Black Barn 15-17 June”

In a dark, dark house…

Did you do this rhyme at primary school? “In a dark, dark house, there’s a dark, dark, door. Through the dark, dark door, there’s a dark dark room. In the dark dark room, there’s a MONSTER!” I’ve loved the creepy and the uncanny since I could read. And – in a relationship that keeps bangingContinue reading “In a dark, dark house…”

Be Stung by Beestung!

Congrats to  Annabel Wigoder and Lucy Ter Berg of Beestung Productions who pulled off a smashing night at London’s Old Red Lion theatre on Monday night (2 April).  Sold out early on, the show featured six pieces, including my Passion (dir. by the superb Alice Butler and performed breath-takingly by Scott Reid): Annabel’s own TheContinue reading “Be Stung by Beestung!”

From fulfilment to survival

A superb two weeks of Broohas’ production of Away with the Fairies is now over. A fat and happy thank you to the Broohas team, director Eleanor Fogg and the Alma Tavern Theatre in Clifton, the Adepts of the technicals and ten chuckling audiences. Tomorrow, the focus shifts from the seeming wimsy of Fairies‘ worldContinue reading “From fulfilment to survival”

Reviews for Away With The Fairies

Away With The Fairies opened on 20 March and runs ’til March 31st. Here are some of my favourite reviews: 4 stars * * * * WhatsOnStage.com “The strong all-female cast deliver the snappy dialogue with real energy. Kirsty Cox in particular is excellent as the put upon daughter as she has to deal withContinue reading “Reviews for Away With The Fairies”

Away with the Fairies: Alma Tavern Theatre, 20-31 March

“Bath playwright Gill Kirk’s latest play is hitting all the right notes in the arts world: a comedy to cheer us in leaner times, about and starring “older” women, cocking a snook at economics and art worlds alike, and of course, it has the ultimate “must-have” for any modern play: an invisible troll. “At Bristol’sContinue reading “Away with the Fairies: Alma Tavern Theatre, 20-31 March”